2021 International Conference on Tourism Economy and Sports Industry Development(TESID 2021)
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In 2021, considering the COVID-19 pandemic and thus pervasive travel restrictions in the world, many participants were very difficult to attend the conference offline. In our deliberations, TESID 2021 decided to hold it in full virtual style by ZOOM app. Meanwhile, in order to provide more communication time among participants from different time zone, a online forum were strarted in the conference period.

Keynote Speakers

Assoc. Prof. Geuntae Park

School of Art and Design, Guangdong University of Technology,China

Research Area:Museum architecture, cultural institutions and urban strategy, Chinese museum development

Speech Title: Cultural developments on the Quayside – A story of culture, heritage, and tourism


Assoc. Prof. Bing Pan

Recreation, Park, and Tourism Management, Penn State Unversity,USA

Research Area:Big data in tourism, hospitality, and parks

Speech Title: The Comparison of U.S. National Parks and China’s Tourism Industry


Prof. John M. Koldowski

School of Tourism, Leshan Normal University,China

Research Area:Travel and tourism industry

Speech Title: Outlook for Asia Pacific International Travel and Tourism 2022 to 2024


Prof. Andjelko Simic

School of Hospitality and TourismHELP University,Malaysia

Research Area:Tourism and hospitality management, economics; industrial, social and political marketing; government and diplomacy; public relations; media; environment; international business

Speech Title: Sustainable Tourism Development Today and Tomorrow

oral speakers

Junlei Li

Chongqing Technology and Business University, China

Title: Research on the interest coordination mechanism of core stakeholders in the transformation of rural tourism "farmhouse entertainment" based on evolutionary Game under the background of high-quality development -- A case study of "Bayu B&B" in Jinyun Mountain

Yanwen Cui

Beijing Sport University, China

Title: Soluble microneedles for local anesthesia and pain relief after sports injuries

Yanjun Fan

Beijing Sport University, China

Title: Analysis of physiological and biochemical monitoring indexes in cross-country skiing training

Yan Liang

Hu' nan Changyu Real Estate Investment Co., Ltd, China

Title: Application of Blockchain Technology in Smart Tourism

Baizhu Sun

Beijing Sport University, China

Title: Current status and perspectives of microneedle and microneedle sensors in sports applications

Yanmei Deng

Xi’an International Studies University, China

Title: Research on Spatial-temporal Pattern of Coupling and Coordinated Development of Urban Highway Traffic and Tourism Economy in Anhui Province

Yabo Li

Xi’an International Studies University, China

Title: Summary of Research on Urban Commercial Fitness Space from the Perspective of Space Justice


Yanyan Yang

Shanghai Yijia Hotel Co., Ltd, China

Title: Application and Development of Big Data, Internet of Things and Cloud Computing in Tourism and Its Influence on Traditional Travel Agencies

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