2021 International Conference on Tourism Economy and Sports Industry Development(TESID 2021)
Professor Andjelko Simic of HELP University is invited to attend the TESID 2021 Conference as a keynote speaker.


Andjelko Simic, professor of different subjects (microeconomics and macroeconomics, history of economics, international business and international trade, introduction to tourism and hospitality, international hotel management, business research, leadership and management) and the head of the HELP School of Hospitality and Tourism. Present: visiting professor and member of HELP University International Council. His research areas includes economics; industrial, social and political marketing; government and diplomacy; public relations; media; environment; international business; tourism and hospitality management. He has more than 40 years in travel, tourism and hospitality industry and associations, government and diplomacy, research and education on different positions: in the industry - operator, manager, general manager, member of board of directors in international federation, president of national association; government and diplomacy - vice minister, ambassador, minister plenipotentiary, special representative, head of department; publishing companies – member of editorial board, editor in chief; research and educational institutions – researcher, lecturer, visiting professor, professor, head of the school. He has published books in Tourism Business, Travel Agencies, Tourism Policy and Management in the Asia Pacific, Cross-border Cooperation; articles - more then 50, with different topics, about economics and tourism and hospitality. He is also the member of Universal Federation of Travel Agencies Associations UFTAA/FUAAV, National tourism organization, National travel agencies association, International Federation of Journalists, Croatian Association of Journalists.